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Hey everybody. :)
Today you will see my first Lyric Video made with “Superstring” (
I heard this song by Avril Lavigne lately and fell in love with it immediately, so I had to mark it somehow. And I decided to make a lyric video for it but I wanted to be different. I started searching for a program that can accomplish this and that is how I found “Superstring”. I think it still lacks an option to import background images that will make the videos look even more authentic.
I’m sorry for the low quality. I used an unregistered, FREE version of the program. The max output was 640x360. But in the registered version you can export videos in HD.


I’d like to announce that from 06.06.2014 I’ll be open for video and photo collaborations. Just keep it in mind that I don’t have pro equipment. All the work I will be doing will be done using my computer. I’ll be using Cyber Link Power Director as a main application for video production (I’ll be using additional tools for this process). For the processing of images I’ll be using Photoshop as a main application and also for this process I’ll be using GIMP and other tools to help me.
If you are interested you can contact me on my primary e-mail:

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